The Pastrami House: Berkeley Heights, NJ

Hot Corned Beef Sandwich

The Pastrami House

250 Springfield Ave

Berkeley Heights, NJ


The Pastrami House is a true gem nestled in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Not only does this shop offer a super cute atmosphere and themed dine-in area, but a full take-out delicatessen and catering options as well. I must warn you.. their menu is quite extensive, as they offer way more than simply pastrami! As of course the pastrami options they do offer are top notch, I was quite impressed by their elaborate offerings of authentic Jewish favorites. Everything from various types of knish to matzoh ball soup, The Pastrami House has your fix of the favorites only a Jewish grandmother could supply. If you have an uncontrolled sweet tooth, be sure to brace yourself, as the showcase of sweets are irresistible. As all of their bread and most baked goods are made fresh in house, there a many great options, with of course the giant black & white cookie and Junior’s Famous Cheesecake being a staple.

Pastrami & Corned Beef Egg Rolls

*Lilmiszlanah’s MUST Try Recommendations:

  • Pastrami and/or Corned Beef Egg Rolls
  • Pastrami Cheese Fries
  • Sweet Potato Knish


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