National Donut Day: Fun Facts, History & Free Donuts!!

We all know & love them…. well today we celebrate them!! Each year the U.S. alone produces over 10 billion donuts! While there is no defined origin of birth, the first National Donut Day was announced by the Salvation Army of Chicago to honor those that served, and recognize how this treat was frequently snacked upon by the soldiers during that time.

Donut or Doughnut?

A highly debated topic… but they are BOTH correct (and found in the dictionary)! The variant spelling of the word “donut” came about in the mid-twentieth century, however the spelling “doughnut” was the original spelling.

Free/Promotional Donuts on National Donut Day:


Krispy Kreme

Duck Donuts

Tim Horton’s

Shipley’s Do-Nuts

Lilmiszlanah’s Top 4 Donut Spots in NJ:

Glaze Artisan Donuts

Manville Pastry Shoppe

Glazed & Confused Food Truck

Duck Donuts


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