Todd English’s Olives


4455 S Paradise Rd,

Las Vegas, NV


It’s no surprise that Chef Todd English knocked this fine-dining restaurant out of the park! While this spot originally opened in Boston, it has now has migrated into 3 global locations including the Virgin Resort in Las Vegas.

Offerings from a short yet sweet core menu gives a variety of wood-fired flatbreads, fresh pastas, seafood, and meats to choose from. And don’t forget about their plated to perfection desserts! The attention to detail from the plates to the service is simply top notch.

The cozy, yet upscale ambience makes for the perfect romantic night out or celebratory meal with family. I loved the open kitchen concept, since it allows the guest to be more visually engaged with the meal experience.

*Lilmiszlanah’s MUST Try Recommendations:

  • Honey Cake & Sevruga Caviar
  • Cast Iron Scallops
  • Agnolotti
  • OMG Chocolate

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