Vital IV Infusions

Vital IV Infusions

159 Main Street Chatham, NJ


Grab your best friends or significant other and get ready for an hour session of mind, body, & soul hydration! Vital IV Infusion offers an experience unlike any other.

As you walk in to their beautiful and immaculate office, their highly educated team of medical professionals guide you through a brief medical history intake and help you create a customized bag to focus on your needs. You will the be placed in a private room to sit back in a massage chair, enjoy some snacks, and relax while you’re being replenished. Whether you’re looking to improve you’re overall wellness or hydrate after a stomach bug (or weekend of drinking lol), this spot is sure to exceed expectations!

Things to Know!

  • Be sure to check out their website or call for additional information and to make an appointment.
  • This is a medical facility and you will be asked for a brief health care background upon arrival.
  • They can customize your experience to accommodate small groups of friends or families, looking to get infused together!
  • Ketamine drips are only done through collaborative care efforts on qualified patient candidates.

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  1. My new place is literally down the road from there ahaha small world 

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