Citizen Mobile Massage

Citizen Mobile Massage

Based out of Union County, NJ


Imagine the luxury of the spa experience, brought right to your living room! Citizen Mobile Massage is a small business based out of Union County, New Jersey that offers the perfect, customized in-home spa experience including a warming massage table, soothing lighting, and of course the most professional and talented massage therapist.

Whether you are seeking routine wellness, a romantic anniversary, or celebration of any kind there is simply nothing better than relaxing the mind, body, and soul. Each massage is customized to fit and offers options including options of deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, pre/post natal, reiki, cupping, facial, and aromatherapy, sure to exceed expectations.

Looking for an out of home experience? Find Citizen Mobile Massage at Brassy Buddha’s Yoga Studio in Westfield, NJ every Wednesday from 11am-3pm. Appointment Required.


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