Saturn Pizza

Saturn Pizza

592 Route 70

Brick, NJ


The Earthling, Pluto, & Saturn Pies

Saturn Pizza is the Subway of flatbread pizza! While this spot may be nestled in a unique location, the concept & pizza possibilities are out of this world! This brand new spot recently made its landing on earth upon the midst of the pandemic, but has all of the earthlings (& martians) raving.

Each pizza is hand crafted, starting with the flatbread crust in house. While they do offer offer an array of cheeses & other toppings to custom make your own pizza, the main pizza menu includes 12 planet themed pies, one better than the next. While these pizzas may have their own unearthly names, you may recognize some of the topping combinations to be the favorites of the earth world. All pizza’s are made to order for take out or through delivery services such as grubhub, slice, or doordash. While they do offer dine-in, (great for a quick stop back to your planet), the shop has two small tables and bottled drinks available.


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