Haleakala Volcano National Park: Maui, HI

Don’t stop til’ you get to the top!!! This is absolutely a must do when visiting the island of Maui. This is the nature, hiker, and photography lover’s paradise- yet perfect for the whole family. Starting at the base to the very top driving takes about an hour, but once you reach the top there are different trails for hiking and camping to explore. During the ride up the mountain, you will enjoy scenic views overlooking the ocean and valley, and will likely have a run in with some adorable cows. About half way up, before entering the park, you’ll have the chance to stop at the visitor’s center that has restrooms, maps, and other nature information.

As you begin to approach the top you will notice the significant scenery change and the clouds are now below you. Once you have found the parking lot, you have officially reached the elevation of 10,023 ft above sea level; and have made it to the top of the volcano! Around the lots are signs directing you to the trail heads of your choice if you are hiking. If you’re not up for the 11.2 mile hike on the crater trail but still want beautiful views and a nice nature walk, be sure to check out the other trails, as many of them are welcoming to hikers of all ages and ability. Regardless of what you choose, you are bound to see the picturesque landscapes as well as the unique shrubbery and animals.

*Know Before You Go* – There is a $30 per car entrance fee. If you plan on doing any of the other national parks or Road to Hana- be sure to upgrade to the year membership pass, as it ends up being cheaper that way. There is no food or gas once you enter the park, so prepare accordingly. There is also no cell phone reception, but it’s one road in and out of the park, so you cannot get lost driving. The temperature from the bottom to the top can change 20+ degrees, so bring extra clothing, especially if you’re hiking. The best time to go is earlier in the day, as the afternoon rolls around the clouds tender to get thick and the views are more obscured.


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