AKT Fitness

Multiple Locations (NJ & NY)

Morristown, Short Hills, Summit, Verona, NJ

Grab some friends and a pair of sneakers cuz’ you’re in for a fun night of exercise! … now I know for most of us, “fun” and “exercise” are not usually in the same sentence, but AKT has created the most invigorating full-body workout in the most awesome atmosphere!

Imagine this- you walk into a dimly colorful lit room with a disco ball sparkling and upbeat music. No, we’re not at a night club, although it certainly gives those vibes! While there are a few different types of classes, the”Intro” class is the perfect start for any kind of fitness level! The instructors step you through what’s to come and make sure every one is keeping up comfortably. Using a variety of dance, bands, stretching, and cardio movements, you are sure to tone every area of the body!

**Be sure to let them know you are new when booking, as the 1st class is free!


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