Carnival Horizon Cruise Excursion: Dunn’s River Falls & Bamboo Beach Club- Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls & Bamboo Beach Club

Climbing the renowned Dunn’s River Falls was hands down, one of the highlights of my trip. Initially I was super nervous, as I am not the most athletic, I was unsure what to expect. Our tour guide was phenomenal, made sure our group was together at all times, got lots of pictures/videos, and most importantly, that we were safe!

This activity had a huge variety of ages from teens up to adults in their mid 60’s. Water shoes are an absolute must and I highly recommend a water proof pouch and/or go-pro!

*Pro Tip:

I have to be honest in saying I was highly disappointed with the Bamboo Beach Club. For the excursion we chose, this was part of it. I wish I did more research, as I would not have chose this part of the excursion. While they did include “tapas” style lunch, we were ravenous and did not have nearly enough food to get us through. Also, the beach had nothing to offer. Unless you’re in the VIP sections, you are only given regular chairs to sit it, not even recliner beach chairs.


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