Carnival Cruise- Horizon

2023 Carnival Horizon Review

Miami, FL- Ochos Rios, Jamaica- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands- Cozumel, Mexico


Like all cruises, we immediately think, buffet til we puke!! We got the opportunity to try some specialty dining onboard and I was pleasantly impressed. While the buffet switched things up daily and offered some unique and delicious options, such as the burrata bar, the reservation dining added a new experience to trip and even at an extra cost, is well worth it in terms of food.

Lilmiszlanah’s Recommendation:

  • Bonsai Teppanyaki (Hibachi- small, private dining experience)
  • Fahrenheit 555 (Steakhouse- upscale, elegant vibe)

*Pro dining tips:

  • You can order more than one app/entree/dessert when doing specialty or sit down dining
  • Late night options are fairly limited. Soft serve ice cream and pizza are available, however the pizza line is always a super long wait.

Drink Packages:

Carnival offers a few different options for drink packages onboard. These packages must remain the same for each passenger in the room. The bartenders were quite attentive and had a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options. There are tons of bars throughout the ship, and rarely did you have to wait.

*Pro drink tips:

  • This is a Pepsi brand cruise. So for my fellow Coca Cola fans.. do with this info what you will.
  • The straws on board are flavored and made from sugar. If you are particular about using a plain straw- be sure to bring your own, reusable one. However, these straws are amazing with frozen cocktails, milkshakes, etc.

Things to Do Onboard:

The cruise schedule that can be found on the app offers a great variety of activities throughout the day. Like other cruise lines, things like bingo do cost extra, but can be charged directly to the room. Be sure to go through the app at the beginning of the trip to set reminders and add favorites so you’re notified shortly beforehand.

Know Before You Go Tips:

  • Be sure to download the app before getting onboard- this is your lifeline to wifi, reservations, maps, activity schedule, and more
  • They have a strict no-holding seat policy. They will remove your belongings if you leave them on a chair for more than 40 minutes unattended. *Speaking from experience, they don’t play…
  • There is an adult only space on the top deck, which is great for the grown ups to escape. It does fill up quickly, but a nice area to relax.


Carnival offers a nice selection of port excursions. This is great for those that are unfamiliar with the ports, or just want a new experience. I do recommend using these options, as they are done directly through Carnival which helps ease the stress throughout the day in terms of easily finding the tour when arriving at the port and making sure you back in time for departure. Check out the individual port excursions we checked out below!

*Ochos Rios, Jamaica

*Cozumel, Mexico

*Grand Cayman, Cayman Island

*Miami, Florida


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