Carnival Horizon Cruise Excursion: Stingray Encounter & Turtle Swim- Grand Cayman

Stingray Encounter & Turtle Swim

This is absolutely one of the best snorkeling and sea life excursions i’ve ever experienced! We started off the day at the Cayman Sea Turtle Center, where we got to see the rehabilitating turtles and learn about the center. Then we headed over to the snorkeling area, where you could rent snorkel gear and swim in an ocean-like pool, filled with turtles & fish.

Back on the bus, to head to Sting Ray City! We took a 20 minute boat ride into what felt like the middle of nowhere. As we got closer, there was this large sand bar area of boats and tons of giant sting rays! The tour guide briefed us on all of the rules and safety guidelines, before taking us in to interact and feed these incredible creatures!


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